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The Appalachian Coalfields Ministry, sponsored by NC Baptist on Mission, seeks to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in the Appalachian area.  One of the greatest ministry needs in this area occurs at Christmastime.  The NC Baptist On Mission are calling on churches statewide to respond to this need through Appalachian Christmas Outreach in 2023.  The NC goal is to collect 18,000 backpacks filled with items to be distributed to the Appalachian children in areas of need in December. 

Backpacks with a Bible, toboggan, and a Gospel Story braclet will be available to purchase for $5 starting Sunday, August 21.

Backpacks Should Include the Following:

  1. Small items of new clothing such as winter hats (provided for each FBC backpack), gloves, socks, underwear, scarf, rolled t-shirts, etc.
  2. Small pop-top canned food such as ravioli, tuna, beef stew, vegetables, fruit, etc.
  3. At least one new, age appropriate non-breakable toy. This can include small cars, balls, dolls, small stuffed animals, yo-yos, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, Slinky, card games, Legos, etc. (no toy weapons).  For the oldest age group (15-17) substitute an appropriate item instead of a toy, such as, a flashlight, small thermos, light blanket, books, hunting and fishing magazines for the boys - jewelry, books, skin care products, hair accessories, etc. for girls.
  4. Hygiene items including toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, brush, comb, shampoo, deodorant (try and fit these items into a one gallon Ziplock bag).
  5. A child's Bible or youth Bible. (FBC will provide these)
  6. Fresh, wrapped candy (no chocolate).
  7. A copy of "The Christmas Story"  (FBC will provide these)

Each backpack should be labeled boy or girl as well as the appropriate age (labels are provided).  Age group labels should be

  • 4-7 years Old
  • 8-10 years Old
  • 11-14 years Old
  • 15-17 Years Old

Please prepare each backpack as you would for your own child or grandchild with new items and not used items.  Also, please include items from each category listed above. This quality gift may be the only Christmas present the child receives and it will be a witness of Christ's love.

Our backpack dedication service will be on Sunday, October 29.

Appalachian Christmas Outreach “Testimonials” (from actual cards and letters received from Appalachian children)

“I want to thank you for the backpacks. Mine was filled with joy and fun. I got a flashlight. I use it to feed the horses at night. I also got socks! Thanks for the candy and all the great stuff!” – Austin

“Thank you for the backpacks. I use the bobby pins and hair brushes every day. Thank you!!! – Arwen

 “I would like to say thank you very much for the backpacks. I really appreciate all the wonderful things inside. I liked the hat and gloves. They came in handy this winter.” – Sara


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    our facebook page instagram